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 Juicebox's Five Favorite Pieces of Gear

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PostSubject: Juicebox's Five Favorite Pieces of Gear   Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:48 pm

Here are my five favorite things:

5) Under Armour Cold Gear gloves, shirt, pants, socks, etc. (Works awesome)

4) Serpa Holster (Best working, most reliable pistol holster)

3) .25g TSD bbs (Highest quality)

2) Multicam Pattern (effective camouflage with a reputation)

1) Direct action BDUs (high quality fabric with built in knee and elbow pads)

Honorable Mentions: Systema Magnum Motors, Marushin 8mm shotgun, and green lasers...
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Juicebox's Five Favorite Pieces of Gear
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